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Spaced Teeth Correction

Chief Complaint:

Spacing in the upper arch and general asymmetry of the upper arch.


For this spaced teeth treatment, clear Lucid-Lok® brackets were placed on the patient’s teeth using Six Month Smiles custom bonding trays. Only the upper arch was treated in this case. A .018 wire was used for the majority of treatment with a rectangular wire also being utilized to prevent negative changes to tooth inclination as the spaces were closed. Powerchain was used from 1st molar to 1st molar to close the spaces and provide the desired outcome. The spaces were closed and the symmetry was greatly improved.

Spaced teeth treatment time: 8 months

NOTE: The patient is not biting in maximum intercuspation in the “before” photo.

Spaced Teeth Correction - Before Spaced Teeth Correction - After

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