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Dentist Testimonials for Six Month Smiles Short Term Orthodontic Treatment

“As a technology consultant, I'm always looking for new and more efficient methods to improve the lives of my dental clients. One system that has impressed me greatly over the past few years has been Six Month Smiles. Many of our clients used to refer out their minor orthodontic cases as they didn't have the training or skills to provide this for their patients. With Six Month Smiles, that's changed. It's an easy-to-use system for short term ortho cases that patients love and allows you to treat quickly and effectively. You don't need any previous ortho experience and following a 2 day hands-on course, you'll have the skills and confidence to start providing this excellent treatment option. I highly recommend this system for any general dentist who wants to have happy patients and improve their bottom line.”

- Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist, California, USA

“I recently took the Six Month Smiles Course.  It was by far one of the best courses I've ever taken. The instructor was exceptional.  He was very open, giving, and loved to share. The entire program was organized and complete, covering everything from soup to nuts.  As far as implementation, we began offering Six Month Smiles the very next Monday morning after the course.  And since then, the support has been superb!  If you’re reading this and wondering if Six Month Smiles is right for you?  It most probably is! I highly encourage you to learn more and become a Six Month Smiles Provider. You won’t regret it.”

- Dr. Lorin Berland, Dallas Dental Spa, Texas, USA

“As a previous Invisalign provider, I am so glad that my daughter is now providing Six Months Smiles to our patients. We like it so much better because of the smaller lab bills, the shorter treatment time involved, more direct orthodontic control, and most importantly, better results! Every office should be offering this great service to their patients!”

- Dr. Joe Steven, Kisco Dental, Kansas, USA

“Like aligners…but way better!”

- Dr. Tony Soileau, Smiles by Soileau, Louisiana, USA

“Many of my consulting clients are looking for ways to increase their production without working additional hours.  One way to do that is to increase the range of services provided in the office.  Six Month Smiles is a fabulous way to increase production while offering a valuable service to your adult patient base that desire a nice smile but are unwilling to invest the time and money in traditional orthodontics.  The 2-day course gives the general practitioner the necessary skills to start treating cases immediately.  One of my clients produced an additional $40K from Six Month Smiles his first year into the program.  It has been a win-win-win for the doctor, the patients, and the practice.  Satisfied patients have become the doctor’s most powerful marketing tool, and the doctor is enjoying the journey!”

- Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, Professional Dental Management, Maryland, USA

“Since introducing Six Month Smiles to my Practice in 2009, I’ve increased revenues by 40%! The success that I’ve had with Six Month Smiles over the last 2 years has allowed me to move into a much bigger space so I can handle all the new patients. My patients want Six Month Smiles and they actually enjoy being in the office. It’s great! After attending the Six Month Smiles Course, I told everyone it was the second best decision in my life, next to marrying my wife!!!”

- Dr. John Seward, Cork Dental, Cork, Ireland

"Trying to rotate and straighten teeth with aligners had become increasingly frustrating.  It was just unpredictable, and my cases just kept going on and on...  With the Six Month Smiles System I’ve got more control over the tooth movement and I stay much more profitable with lab fees around $500. Their amazing hands-on course gave me the skills needed and now I’m loving short term ortho.  My patients are happy, I'm happy, and my pocket book is happy."

- Dr. Scott Leune, Breakaway Practice Seminars, Texas, USA


"This is an absolute 'no brainer' for dentists working to increase productivity. Thanks for putting on a phenomenal seminar!"

- Dr. Bruce Baird, Productive Dentist Academy, Texas, USA

"Every GP should take this seminar. Most of us hated ortho in dental school, but this seminar will make you love it!"

- Dr. Kit Weathers, Endo Root Camp, Nevada, USA

"This is the orthodontic option for my general dental practice that I've been looking for!  Great training manual, excellent seminar and fantastic company support. I am VERY excited to provide this life-altering service for my patients!"

- Dr. Mike Milligan,, Illinois, USA

"The Six Month Smiles patient kits with indirect bonding trays are brilliant.  They make ortho for GPs much easier and more profitable ... and you know I like that!"

- Dr. Woody Oakes, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., Indiana, USA

"I've never been more excited about learning something new. I now have a great treatment option for my adult patients who don't want traditional ortho and aren't good candidates for veneers. The course tuition could be doubled and it would still be a huge bargain!"

- Dr. Mike Barr, Palm Beach Smiles, Florida, USA

“I love Six Month Smiles. I had thought ortho was a mystery but not with Six Month Smiles. I tried aligners and got fair results. The results with Six Month Smiles are great. When I heard of Six Month Smiles I thought it was too good to be true. I took a chance and took the course and the rest is history. It is as advertised; simple to incorporate, dummy proof supply system, and it works. Six Month Smiles has been a game changer for my practice and my career!”

Dr. Dale Hardy, Cornerstone Dentistry, South Carolina, USA

“The Six Month Smiles System de-mystifies ortho! The training is world-class and the system is very easy. Six Month Smiles is low stress, user friendly, and my patients LOVE it. Patients who don’t want traditional ortho now have an option and are no longer ‘stuck’ with crooked teeth. Six Month Smiles is the best thing to have come into my practice since veneers! My staff AND my patients are thrilled!”

Dr. JoAnn Martens, Waunakee Family Dentistry, Wisconsin, USA

“I love Six Month Smiles and so do my patients. The cosmetic improvements are great but there are so many more patient benefits too.”

Dr. Mark Gentner, DDS Family Dentistry, Michigan, USA

“WOW! I attend 60 hours of CE a year - this is no doubt the best. What a great technique and what a great course.”

Dr. Raul F. Ramirez, DDS Family Dentistry, Louisiana, USA

“Conservative and time-efficient. Six Month Smiles is commonsense ortho for GPs.”

Dr. Noel Ananthan, Dr. Noel Ananthan and Associates, Ontario, Canada

"The instruction & information taught at the Six Month Smiles was absolutely top notch. I had no experience with ortho before the course and started treating cases the very next week. After the first day of the Six Month Smiles course I told my wife that my practice was going to change forever. And it did!

The course gave me total confidence to go back to my office and implement the system right away. It has literally changed my practice forever and we are having more fun than ever before"

Dr. Brooks Haney, Smiles of North Dallas, Texas, USA

“Easy implementation- no ortho experience needed!”

Dr. Eric Roman, DentalWorks, North Carolina, USA

"Six Month Smiles is advancing a cause that carries with it a colossal potential of bringing happiness and confidence to patients and providers alike. After I took the course I couldn't wait to get started, and now that I've been using the system for over 2 years, I can honestly say I LOVE it."

Dr. William J Schlotz, Plaza Health Dentistry, Missouri, USA

"I was a premier provider with Invisalign but was frustrated with aspects of Invisalign treatment. Short Term Ortho has been huge for my practice and I'm shouting it from the mountaintop!"

Dr. Kent Smith, 21st Century Dental, Texas, USA

"This has been the best ROI of any CE I've taken in 35 years!"

Dr. Larry Hubbard, Larry Hubbard, DDS, Georgia, USA

"This is one of the best courses I have taken. It has changed my dental practice!"

Dr. Stephen Raisman, Framingham Dental Center, Massachusetts, USA

"I feel that this two day course was much more informative than the clear aligner course. It makes it seem like the dentist is in control of the case instead of an uncertain impression. I feel better charging a reasonable fee for actual work, instead of a magically appearing box of aligners with an enormous fee. I really look forward to doing this!"

Dr. Nina Svino, Aesthetic and Lifestyle Dentistry, Washington, USA

"Fantastic course. Six Month Smiles truly takes the mystery out of orthodontics. Regardless of whether you choose to implement 6 month smiles into your practice, you will leave more educated and excited about dentistry!"

Dr. Neal Patel, Infinite Smiles, Ohio, USA

"This is how a course should be run. Nothing held back, very organized, no wasted time and no fluff. It’s obvious a lot of thought and planning went into it."

Dr. Dave Spilkia, David Spilkia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Pennsylvania, USA

"I appreciate the way Dr. Swain cuts to the chase and zeros in on what is most important. I will leave feeling confident that I can do this in my office immediately."

Dr. Lisbeth Bradley, Lis Bradley DDS, Tennessee, USA

"The STO course is a great turn-key program which will inspire the general dentist to start immediately. Informative and complete."

Dr. Tom Kachorek, Baypoint Dental P.C, Michigan, USA

"This is the first CE course I have attended that I feel confident in implementing into my practice immediately. The instructor was very honest and covered all the bases of STO."

Dr. Jerel Gutierrez, Greenbrier Dental Center, Virginia, USA

"This course is a huge success and one of the most informative and practical courses I’ve taken."

Dr. Kirk Blanchard, Atlantic Dental, Nova Scotia, CA

"When I took the Six Month Smiles course a few years ago I have to admit I was skeptical. Would this be yet another rapid orthodontic system that left me limited and uncertain of the end results or worse still, put off from attempting or offering orthodontic services within my practice. Well, I have to say the Six Month Smiles course was truly brilliant. I was really impressed. I signed my first case within days of returning to the UK, one that would otherwise have headed for complicated and unnecessary veneer work.

Now, several years on, the Six Month Smiles system has proved itself to be a regularly accepted treatment within the practice. We offer free consultations and still show new clients the Six Month Smiles before and after book. They often leave literally saying how much they can't wait to start.

Since being the very first British dentist to offer Six Month Smiles I find it wonderful to see so many of my UK colleagues now following our lead and spreading the word. The message is getting across the pond loud and clear, Six Month Smiles really works wonders!"

Dr. Raj Ahlowalia, The Chrysalis, Biggleswade, UK

"I have been doing 2-3 year ortho for 25 years as well as Invisalign. This gives me a great new option for my patients who have refused treatment for reasons of time and/or cost objections."

Dr. Howard Banner, Howard Banner, DDS, Albany, USA

"I can honestly say not having any ortho experience, that I feel totally comfortable starting a case when I’m back in the office."

Dr. Jose Salazar, Salazar Dental Group LLC, Tennessee, USA

"One of the biggest headaches for orthodontics is bracket placement, and by providing a lab resource that is both knowledgeable and adept in construction of indirect bracket placement trays, you have made streamlining the office procedures possible."

Dr. John T. Shepherd, Lakes Family Dental, Texas, USA

“I started 10 cases within 2 weeks of taking the course. The patient demand for Six Month Smiles is amazing. The Six Month Smiles System sells itself!”

Dr. Shawn Kerby, Kerby Family Dental, Iowa, USA

“I have to say that Six Month Smiles is the best thing that has happened to me professionally. The most rewarding part is making someone with very crooked teeth, smile with pride. I'm so grateful to be a part of the Six Month Smiles team.”

Dr. Anita Radeva, Dentaart, Sofia, Bulgaria

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